David Sheen [25th Nov]

Bullet, Ballot, Boycott

At 19:30 on Wednesday the 25th November, the Slough PSC committee will have the privilege of attending a talk by David Sheen hosted by our comrades at the Richmond and Kingston branch.

Sheen’s biography, and his record documenting Anti-African racism in Israel, should more than explain our excitement at this event.

David Sheen is an independent journalist and film maker originally from Toronto, Canada who now lives in Dimona, Israel. Sheen began blogging when he first moved to Israel in 1999 and later went on to work as a reporter and editor at the Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz. His full-length documentary on ecological architecture, “First Earth”, was translated into a dozen languages and published by PM Press in 2010. Sheen gave a TEDx talk on the topic of the film in Johannesburg, South Africa later that year. He is currently writing a book about African immigrants to Israel and the struggles they face.

And on the video “Israel’s New Racism” released by the Nation two years ago:

About 60,000 African migrants have arrived in Israel since 2006, fleeing unrest in their home countries. But upon arrival in the ostensibly democratic country, the migrants have faced intense persecution and have been branded as “infiltrators” by right-wing politicians and activists.



Published by: sloughpsc

Slough branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign - working to raise awareness of the Palestinian cause and solidarity with the Palestinian people. The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) campaigns for justice for the Palestinians. We also advocate for Palestinians' civil, political and human rights, in accordance with international law.

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